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Produk Oli Shell Oil Shell GreaseJual Oli Shell Oil Lubricant & Grease for :  Synthetic Oil,Diesel Engine Oil, Marine Diesel Engine,Power Station Diesel Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gas Engine Oil, Industrial Gear and Bearing Oil, Compressor Oil, Steel Mill Oil, Turbine Oil, Circulation Oil, Transmision Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Spindel Oil, Hydraulic Gear, Machinery Oil, Slideway Oil, Rock Drill Oil, Metal Processing Fluid, Greases.

Diesel Engine Oils, Marine/Power Station Diesel Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gas Engine Oils, Industrial Gear and Bearing Oils, Compressor Oils, Steel Mill Oils, Turbine & Circulation Oils, Transmision Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Spindel Oils, Hydraulic Gear, Machinery Oils, Slideway Oils, Rock Drill Oils, Metal Processing Fluids, Greases, Synthetic Oils.

Diesel Engine Oils

Shell Alexia 50

Shell Argina S 30

Shell Argina S 40
Shell Argina T 30

Shell Argina T 40
Shell Argina X 40
Shell Argina XL 40
Shell Gadinia 30

Shell Gadinia 40
Shell Melina 30

Shell Melina 40

Hydraulic Oils
Shell Tellus 32

Shell Tellus 46

Shell Tellus 68
Shell Tellus 100
Shell Tellus T 32

Shell Tellus 46

Shell Tellus 68
Shell Morlina 10
Shell Morlina 22

Shell Tellus 32
Shell Morlina 100

Shell Morlina 150

Shell Morlina 220
Shell Morlina 320
Shell Morlina T 100
Shell Morlina T 460

Gear and Bearing Oils
Shell Tivela S 220

Shell Tivela S 320
Shell Omala 68

Shell Omala 100

Shell Omala 150

Shell Omala 220
Shell Omala 320

Shell Omala 460
Shell Omala 680
Shell Omala 1000
Shell Omala F 220

Shell Omala F 320
Shell Omala F 460
Shell Omala HD 220

Shell Omala HD 320

Shell Omala HD 460
Shell Omala HD 680
Shell Valvata J 460
Shell Cardium Compound 2

Cutting Machine Fluids
Shell Dromus B
Shell Tonna T 32

Shell Tonna T 68
Shell Tonna T 220

Electric Oil
Shell Diala B

Heat Transfer Oil
Shell Thermia B

Diesel Engine Oils
Shell Rimula D 10W (CF)
Shell Rimula D 30 (CF)
Shell Rimula D 40 (CF)
Shell Rimula D 50 (CF)
Shell Rimula D 15W-40
Shell Rimula X 40 (CF)
Shell Rimula X 15W-40
Shell Rimula Super 15W-40 (CF)
Shell Rimula MV 15W-40
Shell Rotella DD 40

Gear Oils
Shell Spirax G 80W-90 (GL-4)
Shell Spirax G 90
Shell Spirax A 85W-140 (GL-5)
Shell Spirax A 90,140 (GL-5)

Shell Retinax EP 2
Shell Retinax LX 3
Shell Albida EP 2
Shell Albida HDX 2
Shell Albida MDX 2
Shell Alvania EP (LF) 0
Shell Alvania EP (LF) 1
Shell Alvania EP (LF) 2
Shell Alvania RL 2
Shell Alvania RL 3
Shell Darina R 2
Shell Malleus GL 400

Shell Malleus GL 500
Shell Malleus OGH

Compressor Oils
Shell Corena AS 32

Shell Corena AS 46
Shell Corena AS 68
Shell Corena P 68
Shell Corena P 150
Shell Corena S 46

Shell Corena S 68
Shell Clavus 32

Shell Clavus 68
Shell Clavus 68
Shell Clavus G 68
Shell Clavus AB 68

Turbine Oils
Shell Turbo GT 32
Shell Turbo T 32

Shell Turbo T 46

Shell Turbo T 68
Shell Turbo J 32
Shell Turbo CC 32

Shell Turbo CC 46
Shell Mysella R 30

Shell Mysella R 40
Shell Mysella RA 40

Pneumatic Oils
Shell Torculla 100

Shell Dobatex Heavy Duty

Shell Donax TX
Shell Donax TD 10W/30
Shell Donax TC 30
Shell Donax TC 60
Shell Caprinus HD 40
Shell Tegula V 32

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